Let's Start Over, Hmmkay?

I deleted all the posts I ever made on this blog (not like there were very many in the first place).
I don't know why I deleted the posts. In fact, I don't know why I made the blog in the first place.

Who said we needed a purpose anyways? Is there always a reason we MUST do something? Can't we just do something on a whim? Because we feel like it? Or because there is simply nothing else to do...?

Seriously. Boredom is a national tragedy, and it's hitting me hard. Summer '09 is taking its toll on me... Waiting to go kayaking, waiting to go to Taiwan, waiting for college to start...? Everything is just waiting.

So, let us wait. Let us wait for some bright idea that will pop into my mind, so that this blog can move onward. Onward where? I don't know, but at least it will go somewhere.

Because anything is better than staying still.

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